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Bright Eyes is a comprehensive body of work, which first started as my Final Major Project during my Masters degree. This project has evolved and formed a much larger and more complex body of work. 

Bright Eyes takes inspiration from my favourite novel, Watership Down, written by Richard Adams, and draws on the themes of human impact and the destruction of our environment. Through this project I seek to highlight aspects of our environment that should be protected, and document the damaging aspects of human impact on our environment. 


Aspects of Tourette's is my most personal project, which also began during my Masters degree, as a way to document the often unseen, and unspoken about aspects of Tourette's Syndrome. Not only does this project document moments with this condition, but it also acted as a form of therapy for me during some tough moments, both personally and photographically. 

In this body of work, you will see some of my most challenging moments, and experience through imagery, some of what it is like to deal with Tourette's on a daily basis. 


Land is an ongoing project documenting the ever changing landscapes of our environment.